Which Baby Pushchair – Face The Baby Or Not?

Baby Pushchair - Let's Compare the Options

Recently there has been much in the press regarding the issue or whether to face the baby or not to face the baby when you are pushing him or her down the local high street. Research has shown that you should be facing your baby, and should you not oblige then you could actually be harming your baby emotionally. The conventional forward facing baby position leads to stress the mad professors say. How on earth are our kids supposed to learn from what is going on around them if they are forever staring at mummy and daddy making faces and silly voices, I am sure to a child this would eventually become stressful. Let's not forget that when you are looking at your child you are not concentrating on where you are going.

Our kids do get to see plenty of us and our faces in the home, whether they be lying in a cot, eating in a high chair or rolling around on the carpet, mum and dad are never far away. I for one do not subscribe the over attention giving theory. Personally I think it can make a child unsocial in later years.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying ignore your child at all, I get that they will feel more secure looking at a friendly face, but boredem must set in fairly quickly for a child if they are looking at the same image constantly. A child's first few years are its most productive in terms of learning ability so I want my child to see as much as possible, experience variety, the big wide open ever changing world. I have an interesting face, I think, but I can't compete with the world.

The study also claims that a child has double the chance of drifting off to sleep if they are facing you, and a lower heart rate. My diagnosis of this is that the child was most likely bored and thus fell asleep. I think that a raised heart rate is a good reaction, it means you are excited by what you see.

Science claims that you should be making sure you have a baby pushchair or pram that allows the child to face you, I say different. Either way, the pushchair market has the options depending on who you agree with, for me it's a straightforward Buggy (with lie flat facility with a newborn), allowing my child to experience the world, for science its a traditional pram, and for those of you that want a bit of both then you can't go wrong with a 2-in-1 Pushchair, which normally allows the seat unit to be forward or rear facing, depending on your mood.

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I wish you luck in your quest, and do what best suits you and your child.

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