Used Bob Stroller a Great Value

Not too long ago, I found a great price on a Used Bob Stroller, the Revolution. Though I had to save the money because even a used one is not cheap, I determined that going with a Used Bob Stroller was the correct choice, since I have a belief in the brand and these strollers have an excellent reputation.

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The swivel wheels on my Used Bob Stroller are really a super feature. They turn so fast; I liken it to a zero turn tractor for babies! It is a glorious improvement if you've ever utilized a fixed wheel stroller, which is not fun. You can lock them though, which is neat if you use them for running or coarse conditions, the times when all that movement is not a benefit I've found this manages to navigate the hills near my home well, and my Used Bob Stroller also does a good job of providing my child with lots of room. This makes ride time miles better for mom too! When the great sun cover is all the way down, it is like a mini apartment in there.

Another great feature on my Used Bob Stroller is the simplicity of folding this thing. I will get it out and in of the truck in a snap, which is great when we are prepared to get moving. And, when you get it out, you can maneuver snow, ice, potholes, gravel, you name it! I adore that when I shop with it, I manage to fit through the door, no issues yet. Sure, it is tight, but I am still pleased.

As much as I really like this Used Bob Stroller, there are a couple of things I am less than OK with. The under seat basket, well, it's kind of annoying. There's lots of storage in these strollers, but I can use every last bit of it, can't you? The basket itself is big enough sized ; the issue lies in getting items in there, it's a bit hard but doable. One other minor issue would be, it's still big, even if folded. Make sure you keep enough room in your car. Honestly , I'm just pleased if I can find a spot to put it!

Overall, nothing is perfect, but I have to say, this sure comes close for me.

Overall BOB strollers have been quite popular. The used markets have a limited number available at some times. If you can't find a good value used BOB stroller, then we suggest you check out the many great buys that can be had from Ebay on new models of BOB Strollers. Your purchase is  covered by the Ebay buyer protection plan which you can read upon visiting the Ebay site.

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