Silver Cross Stroller

The Silver Cross Stroller - The Choice of Celebrities

Silver Cross Stroller

Every parent wants the best for their child. Having a good quality stroller is no exception.  Silver Cross strollers or prams as they were first called have there start in Leeds in 1897. From humble beginnings they have grown to provide Silver Cross strollers around he world.

After your newborn has out grown their first baby carrier you will be wanting a quality stroller or push chair for them. Some things to consider before purchasing your Silver Cross stroller is the lifestyle you live. The Silver Cross is well suited to an active lifestyle as they are known for their lightweight but strong designs. Easily handled, folded and transported in your car, they are well suited to everyday life or excellent for traveling as well.

The popular Silver Cross Fizz model is suited for kids from 6 months to toddler ages. Lightweight at around 6 kg or 13 ½ lbs they fold with easy.

Other features of the Silver Cross  Stroller -

  • non finger trapping folding design, meaning your fingers stay safe
  • 5 in wheels
  • lockable swiveling front wheels
  • recliner position
  • built in cup holder and more

Join the ranks of celebrities that have been seen using Silver Cross Stroller including Marcia Cross Kate Hudson and Jessica Alba. Silver Cross Strollers have a long history and have been proven over time to be a good value for many users. Check out the current offering available at Ebay. All purchases are covered by the Buyer Protection plan at Ebay.

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