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These days, the best double strollers are available on the market with variety of models. The absolute best double strollers are every bit as functional and maneuverable as a single, only you've got room for two children.

Of course you want to get a good double stroller. My sister in law has a Peg Perego aria twin stroller and she just loves it. I have a Twin Techno from Maclaren and it's a really nice stroller. The Bob Revolution strollers are also very nice (I have reviews of them on my website). Other good brands are from Graco, Kolcraft, and Glider.

If you're researching double baby strollers so that you find the best double baby stroller on the market, you will come across Maclaren, Bob Revolution, and Baby Trend brand names. The double stroller models they make now are way cooler than the hideous models you saw 10-20 years ago. Twins are much more popular and double strollers have evolved considerably over the past 20 years.

With double strollers you will typically see 3 different styles. Tandem (one in front of another), side by side, and reverse tandem (children facing backwards one in front of another). Out of the three variations about 50% of people prefer tandem and 50% prefer side by side. If you're interested in a double jogging stroller, front facing tandem will be a better choice.

The double strollers on the market today are ultra cool looking. When you have a second child on the way that's going to be within 2 years of your first child, you will want to look into getting a double stroller for your babies. You don't have to have twins however, you could use the stroller for just a neighbor or a kid you baby sit.

Easy one-step fold, foot operated brake and 5 point harness safety are the common features of all Mountain Buggy double strollers.

Life is short. Buy the double stroller that you like and then go enjoy it. It's important to have a quality double stroller because it will be safe, easier to use and you won't have to replace a cheap double stroller when your cheap twin stroller breaks. There are plenty of nice double strollers being sold today and it's easier to find  cool double baby strollers online.

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