Double Jogging Strollers Help Selecting The Best

Double jogging strollers can be considered multi-purpose by some people. The obvious first use is to keep your baby or child safe. In general a double jogging stroller is built much different than a standard baby stroller. They are constructed in a way that helps them stand up to the rigors of off road or rough terrain travel. Another benefit which may be over looked is that they are very useful for your own health and fitness. By using a jogging stroller you are now able to continue a regular running or jogging routine which helps your overall fitness and stress level.

Before you purchase any stroller for your new baby you should have an idea of the planned "strolling" you will be doing. While a double jogging stroller is best suited to a family that is more active and will be using the stroller for more than a short stroll or trip to the local mall. If you have no plans to do some jogging or travel over rougher terrain, then you may not need a double jogging stroller. In that case a regular or standard stroller type may be better suited. In general you can expect a good quality double jogging stroller to be more expensive than a regular model.

If you are certain that you will use double jogging strollers for jogging, then by all means you should purchase a model that is best suited to your particular lifestyle and the areas you intend to travel in. Some jogging strollers are built for use on hard surfaces such as a road or paved walkway. Yet others are built for travel over gravel or uneven surfaces. They options include both a fixed front wheel type and a swivel front wheel that can be locked in the forward position when needed.

Some points to consider before starting your search for the best double jogging strollers:

The Frame

With out a good solid frame the jogging stroller won't last very long. Modern strollers often are made from alloy materials that are strong yet lightweight. Gone are the days of the very heavy strollers made entirely of steel components. In most cases the frame will be welded construction with a little moving parts as possible. It is common to find the handle bars do not adjust in height. While this may seem awkward at first one main reason for the solid handle bars is that it eliminates another point that could cause injury to your child by pinching their fingers. The wheels are also attached to the frame so it needs to be rigid enough to take the regular impacts of off road use. Some jogging strollers have built in suspension to help smooth the ride for your child.

Most if not all double jogging strollers will come with 3 wheels. The two main rear wheels with a third wheel centered at the front of the stroller. The wheels can all be the same diameter or may have a smaller diameter wheel at the front, especially if it is a swivel wheel style.

The Seats

You need to consider the age and size of your child when comparing seating on a jogging stroller. Some makes and models are for children who are already about 8 months old or older. Yet there are some models available that can have a baby carrier or infant car seat attached to them safely and securely as well. These types by definition can be used for children from new born and up. You will want to be cautious that your new baby is strapped in well and has their head supported with the appropriate head rests to help prevent neck injury to infants.

For older children seated directly in the jogging stroller seat comfort is important.  A well padded seat will help keep young children comfortable and happy during extended stroller rides. With jogging strollers this is even more critical once you venture off a hard smooth surface. It is common that the stroller should have a 5 point harness as standard equipment. Seat recline may be up to 70 degrees if the manufacturer is following the ASTM F833-05a guidelines. Check your specific stroller for exact weight and age limits. The average strollers can carry a kid up to 50 lbs.


All strollers should include a high quality brake system. Never use a stroller that does not have a good working brake system.  Use of the safety strap on your double jogging stroller is critical to your child's safety. Each manufacturer has a slightly different braking system. Have look at it to determine if it will be easy for you to operate.

Wheels and Tires

Double jogging strollers usually have an air inflated tire. This gives a smoother ride for your baby as well as absorbing some of the shock impact from placing undue stress on the stroller frame. If you have a flat tire you will need to have it repaired. It is advised to install a tube which is more puncture resistant if this is a common occurrence.

After you have you double baby stroller take some time to familiarize yourself with the proper operation and adjustment of it. Your baby or child's safety depends on it. You will soon be able to enjoy a nice stroll or jog with your new baby and keep fit at the same time. Time spent with your child will be a memory you will keep for a life time, so why not have fun while you build the memories.

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