Choosing Toddler Baby Stroller For Twins

There is no need to stay at home if you have twins. By selecting a well made and  cost effective stroller for twins , you too can still be out and about as you were before the birth of your newborn twins. There are a vast number of types and makes these days, a little study will help narrow the search and help pick the best for you.

If you have twins you know that everything is more expensive for two. Not to mention more cumbersome, heavier, bulkier and generally more inconvenient. That is why it is so important to put in the time to research before buying a double stroller for your twins. The stroller you chose will either make life easier on you or all around more frustrating. There are many variables that you must consider when shopping for your stroller and there is a stroller to meet every persons needs.

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The first thing you must consider when shopping for a twin stroller is durability. You are going to rely on this stroller for the next three years. You don't want to waste your money buying a cheap stroller with plastic joints that will warp and break. Save yourself the headache and the money of replacing the stroller by buying a more expensive quality double stroller the first time. This doesn't mean that you have to break the bank, it just means that a $350 BOB   jogging stroller is likely to last where as a $200 InStep may not (personal experience).

The next thing you want to consider is your lifestyle. Do you love to go on long walks every evening or will you need to weave in and out of racks at the mall? Maybe you are planning on jogging off the baby weight. Do you live in a big city where you will walk everywhere or will you need to fit your stroller in the trunk of your car most days? For most the answer will be yes to at least two of these questions so you will want to find a versatile stroller that can meet all of your needs or get two strollers, one for the mall and one for jogging, for example. A narrow jogging stroller with free moving front wheel will work for most situations. It will be comfortable on a long walk through the park, the zoo, and even the mall (although no side by side can fit through the racks of a small store). Some good quality, compact side-by-sides are, the Ditto Manhattan DLX and my favorite the Mountain Buggy Urban Elite Double Jogging Stroller.

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The last things to consider are style and convenience. You want a double stroller you are comfortable pushing. Style is not all about superficial looks; it is about comfort and compatibility with your life. You may be more drawn to a  front/ back tandem stroller or you may prefer a side by side jogging stroller. Whichever you prefer, you want to get one that you like. Remember, you will have to be attached to this stroller every time you leave the house. With that in mind convenience is a big issue with double strollers. You need a stroller with enough storage, and cup holders for you but you also want one that will give comfort to your children. A big canopy that is completely adjustable is great to keep the sun out of little eyes. Comfy padded seats will keep the kids happy and removable washable fabrics will keep you happy.

With so much to consider and the wide range of brands available it can seem overwhelming to shop for a   double stroller for your twins . Buying a stroller should be a fun experience though. There are so many styles, colors, shapes and sizes to choose from that you can find a fit for just about any personality.

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