Baby Strollers – Features to Check Before You Buy

by Jake Trent

Purchasing a baby stroller needs to be treated as an important decision. Just as important as buying a crib or a baby car seat. There is a lot to decide from and many baby strollers will come with a number of features.

The range of baby strollers for sale will range in price from inexpensive to expensive. This is why it is important to get the right stroller from the very start.

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While keeping a budget is key, it may be wise spending a little more cash for a baby stroller at the start, instead of buying a cheap model and having it fail after a short while.

Safety should be a priority and one of the most important features to consider when looking for a baby stroller. Buying a brand new stroller as opposed to a second hand one makes it much easier to look for the important safety features which should be present.

The number one thing to look for is that the stroller has an adequate breaking system. Also look to see that the correct safety harness is in place. This should be a 5 point safety harness. Another important safety feature is a robust crotch strap. This will stop the little one from sliding out of the stroller.

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Some of the other features which are not as important but helpful are things like adjustable handles. You may not be the only person who will be pushing the stroller so having adjustable handles may prove useful.

For practical reasons, the stroller should be made from a washable material. Even better is that it has Scotchguard protection. This will limit staining. Many of the modern strollers come with stain guard fabrics as standard. Good storage space is useful in a stroller. Many times, we will need storage space for things such as a diaper bags, baby formula when we are out and about.

Aside from storage space consideration, the next thing to check is how easy it will be to store the stroller. You will want a stroller that will fold down and open up easily. This will help when moving that stroller in and out of the car or storing it away. None of us want to be fighting with a stroller each and every time we need to use it.

If you're a fit and active parent who likes to exercise, you may want to look at the jogging stroller. A stroller like this is good for those who want to get some exercise while looking after baby. But it is worth mentioning that these strollers are not made for carrying extra bags as storage is limited. Another issue with jogging strollers is that they are usually not recommended for new born babies.

If you would like to exercise with the stroller, your best option will be purchasing two separate strollers. One for daily use and the other for jogging or running. But it is really about the main features that you will need on a day to day basis. Safety features should come top. Some parents would like to have more storage in the strollers. Other parents will look to have a lighter weight stroller that can be stored easily.

It will help to make a note of the features you are looking for in a stroller before you go shopping and also spend time researching particular brands to see if any fit your needs best.

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