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Best Affordable Double Stroller

So you are considering a double stroller. However, you want to be frugal and simply smart with your purchasing money. No need to go overboard with extra features and pay for a jogging double stroller or a luxury baby stroller when all you need is an economical stroller that works. Sometimes an affordable double stroller is more than enough. This article will take a view at a couple current stroller choices.

Joovy has a Tandem Stroller called the Caboose . It's very economical at less than two hundred dollars. (Prices may vary)  With plastic wheels you will not have to worry about going flat on a prickly stick or nail when compared to air tires. A nice removable canopy adds to the variety of options that come with this value baby stroller. The canopy can be placed in multiple positions to shield your child. A cup holder is always a big plus for moms and dads. And this double stroller has that as well. Also included are a child tray and a decent-size storage basket.

The quality is really pretty decent. Does it stack up to the more expensive brands " no. But for this price point, you're still getting a lot of value. Once again, it's super important to test these strollers out for yourself. Go online to retailers and check out all the pictures and features for yourself. And even more importantly after that, push these actual models yourself. That's the best way to get the natural feel for the push and ride of each unit to see if it fits with what you are looking for.

Another affordable double stroller is from Graco and named the Graco DuoRider. The wheels are a bit on the small side and are plastic. You are not going to get the cushioned suspension ride with these stroller types as that is one of the cost-saving points. So there will be a rougher ride. This may result in more muscle needed to push the stroller than others which are more smooth in the wheels. Nonetheless, you are still getting all the features you need. It is just a matter of the extras, the padding, the comfort level between the ranges. These double strollers will do the job very effectively and safely and get you and your twins from one spot to the next

Finally, the Kolcraft Universal Express Rider is another affordable double stroller choice. This retails for $139 and can be found for even less if you search some online stores. This is an exception value compared to many other double strollers on the market. You get all-terrain wheels which have shock absorbers. You have dual canopies to act as sun shades and to provide more protection from wind and blowing debris on those crazy weather days. And you get thick seat pads. The rear seat reclines to fully flat as well. Kolcraft have added some good options to a very affordable and economical baby stroller.

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