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Are you looking for the  perfect double baby strollers ? Maybe you have a child in a single stroller and soon will need to acquire a double stroller to accommodate the new baby that is soon to arrive.  Double baby strollers are commonly used by parents that have just had twins as well. While you may be familiar with the more common single stroller, double strollers come in variations and configurations.

You will want to research the to find the style best suited to your particular situation. If you are searching for a stroller for twins it helps to understand what the options include.

What types of double baby strollers are there?

  • Tandem strollers
  • Double – side by side strollers
  • Double jogging strollers
  • Double umbrella stroller
  • Sit and Stand stroller

Brief Pros and Cons of the types of Double Baby Strollers:

  • Double  tandem stroller - style places the two seats inline, one behind the other, making a longer stroller. These work well if you have an older child which can use the forward seat and a new born or younger child that would use the rear seat which can be laid flat for the baby to sleep. Another benefit is that they are easier to get through narrow door ways and busy store aisles due to the narrow configuration, they are similar in width to single strollers. It has been noted by some parents that this type of stroller can be harder to steer due to the length of the wheelbase.
  • Double  side by side strollers -  on the other hand place both seats beside each other. These well with twins are children who are of similar weight and size. If one child is much heavier than the other it can make pushing and handling more difficult with the uneven weight balance between sides. One big advantage is that there is no arguing between older siblings over who gets the front seat. Of course the width of these units does present a challenge when in crowded mall or store shopping aisles. Most new double strollers are now around 30 inches in width which makes entry through doorways a bit easier. They are generally easier to push than the tandem style.
  • Double jogging stroller - If you are a runner or jog regularly then a  double jogging stroller may be your best choice of stroller. Most of these are of the double side by side type. Your child will get much needed fresh air if you jog often. The jogging stroller has wheels that are larger in diameter than the standard stroller, the larger wheels reduce rolling resistance and make it easier to push at a pace faster than walking. If you tried this with a regular stroller it would be more difficult. An important safety component of the jogging stroller is a safety strap that is attached to the stroller and then to your wrist so if you ever fall the stroller doesn't roll away endangering the children. A plus with the jogging stroller is that it can serve double duty as a day to day stroller as well. There is no need have two strollers.
  • Double Umbrella strollers are the most cost effective type of stroller. They are light weight , quite easy to fold and transport. They tend not to have the superior construction of the other types. Some children find they are not as comfortable if used for long periods at one time. If you just need a stroller for short and infrequent use then  the umbrella stroller can prove satisfactory.
  • Sit and Stand Stroller - Designed for use with children of different ages. They have regular stroller seating area in the front , much like you would find on a single stroller. The main difference is found in the rear, where you have a platform and seat area for an older child to ride. The child in the rear will usually be able to either stand on a platform or sit on a padded seat to rest. For double baby strollers they look most like a single stroller, especially when viewed from the front.

There are many brand name double baby strollers on the market today, Graco, BOB, InSTEP, Rockstar, Cosco, Maclearn to name just a few. We suggest checking ebay to find  great deals on double baby strollers and other baby supplies. With the recent economic down turn saving hard earn cash is wise whenever possible. So take some time compare a few strollers then make an educated decision on the one that is right for you. Your children's  comfort and safety is important.

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